Dora Maar

by Dora Maar

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Dora Maar (1907 - 1997, née Henriette Theodora Markovitch) is often characterised as a muse to great artists and most frequently of all as The Weeping Woman. She was of course an excellent photographer, poet and noted member of the Surrealists and numerous Parisian Leftist groups, but this has largely been rendered as by the by - such is the misogyny of much historiography.

Dora Maar (2013 -) is also a band from Leith, Edinburgh. What is the significance of their name? Think of it as an attempt (albeit by appropriation and in its own small way) to redress an imbalance, an inequality at the hands of the lazy, the apathetic and the prejudiced.

‘Dora Maar’ is their debut release. Its six songs are humble but refuse to be dumb. They are literate and nervy, yet kinda fun(ny). They emerged from long nights, long walks, countless cinema trips, feverishly (half-)read books, absurd daydreams, absurdly dirty dreams, paranoid delusions and obscure obsessions.

You might also detect touches of The Velvet Underground, Postcard Records, Ennio Morricone, Godards Vic and Jean-Luc, The Monochrome Set, The Pastels, Chic, Magazine and/or Pulp, depending on how hard you’re listening.


released December 11, 2013

A cassette.

Lyrics by Andrew R. Hill. 

Music by Dora Maar.

Recorded August '13 in Leith.

Mixed by Andrew Scott.



all rights reserved


Dora Maar Edinburgh, UK

Dora Maar is two Andrews, Erika and Grant. 'Urban Noir guitar pop', apparently. Influenced by Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Love, David Bowie, The Feelies, Talking Heads and the Velvet Underground, amongst others. Second EP 'Flights' available to pre-order from Soft Power Records now. ... more

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Track Name: Jessica Says
Through the fog of a morning encounter
I can’t help but be surprised and appalled
By this relic of a revelation
That once again her life has stalled

In the arms of this pathetic clod
And no-one’s perfect but he’s so flawed
It’s obvious he invokes some kind of special myopia
It baffles us that her confidence
Is so remedial that his incompetence
Can get him oh-so-very far

But Jessica says “He’s so much better than he was before”
And Jessica says he never leaves her when she’s ever wanting more
Jessica says “Why give it one shot when you could have four?”
But Jessica, say, can you tell us that he’s not a massive bore?

With a shamelessly paltry cliché
Of reconciliation
He somehow scores a victory
With an inane humiliation

Witless proponent of the black art
Of how to win back the fragile heart
Of a young woman we all know could do so much better
Against all expectation
But she’s got dedication
To poor decisions, so I guess that we should just let her

Jessica says “He’s so much better than he was before”
And Jessica says he never leaves her when she’s ever wanting more
Jessica says “She can’t believe we’ve all been keeping score
But Jessica, say, can you tell us that he’s not a massive bore?

But it’ll end up the same way that it always does
A real damp salt-stained shoulder for one of us
Concealed erections and the last night bus
Piss-poor attempts at not causing a fuss
So we’ll keep on doing what we’ve always done
Drinking ourselves to death in search for fun
Drawing the curtains, banishing the sun
With broken flowers and a flickering TV at dawn
Track Name: The 'Fetch'
I guess the trigger was
The woman at the desk
“We’ve had you here before?”
“Well, no” I must confess
From that moment I could no longer
Ignore the evidence

Well you will get your punishment
And I will get my punishment
But you will get your punishment
- It is you.

You know it’s trouble when your own mother
Says she saw you somewhere you were not
Otherwise occupied in a position and a place
You could not have so soon forgot
I think it’s time that this impostor,
This duplicate, was caught


In vain, I traverse the layers
Upon layers of this town
Kicking mocking glimpses
In every puddle on the ground
And all the windowpanes
Are laughing while I hound


I know it’s not possible
That it’s done deliberately
I mean, what lunatic
Could ever want to look like me?
But if I find you
Be afraid of what I’ll do
If I know myself at all
I hate
You through
And through

What could I say, if I ever
Got my hands on you?
I’m sure you’d claim that this
Antipathy was quite undue
But there’s only one of me
And there was never really two

Track Name: Bletchley Park
Life on a rebound
Well I never thought this was possible
And love on the recount
- Could the mathematics be redactable?
Who knew I’d grow up and be
Someone that messed up as much as me?

Well what you should do
Is what you should never do
It’s what I’ll always do
And again
There’s never a lesson I’ll learn

Well no one ever taught me
That my life could ever really be this way
I thought you got a job went to the church and then
The hospital the next day
And then repeat 1.4 times
Before those kids spend you into your grave


I bet you’re with him right now
And that’s only right but I guess that somehow
I wish that I could make it wrong
Maybe this time he’ll get it right
Yes, finally tonight but you know
I’d get you there all along
And again
And again
And again

These coded missives
Render my bedroom Bletchley but I’m an idiot
Attempting a decryption
Of a message, but I’m sure I’ve invented it
I want you to say that you want me
And for it all to end tragically

Track Name: Anna Karina, 1965
I can’t remember if the image was ever very clear
Not all that shocking when it’s been dimming down for years
Five years now, well what a surprise
Now back to dive bars, and spilled pints of snakebite
Late night laments and staggering lows

Who is she?
And where has she gone?
This daft ideal
I’ve been chasing after so long
Anna Karina, 1965
Was she ever real?
And is she even still alive?

Chasing after glimpses in a sun-sodden solitude
I call myself a flâneur, but I guess I’m just a pseud
A composite, seeds were sown years ago
By walks for miles, club corners old TV shows
I draw them out when I need them
On nights alone


Maybe I constructed somebody that could never exist
Maybe I met them, I aimed and I fatally missed
This is the problem when you live life like celluloid
A disconnect develops, sync’d to the void
You end up Orson, both coveted
And best to avoid

Track Name: Ended Now, Alright
I had a dream
And it seemed
To last a thousand nights
Yeah, you were there
And we did it
On the stairs
- An audience applauded at the end.
Now diving through a pool
Deeper down to you
Looks like the one I used at school
And we don’t even know each other,
Not one little bit, but

Kiss me hard with your soft lips
Let’s do it now, and let’s do it quick
But it’s never now, and it’s never quick.
And I wish that it could last all night
But it never ends the way I’d like
And it’s ended now, alright.

You are a work of art
Well that’s how this dream starts
(I never wanted it to end)
We are a sculpture, joined alive,
About to become televised
The toast of every gallery.
Sordid and obscene,
Torrid and inconvenient,
That's the way I always like it to be
But you barely know that I exist
Still, why not


Now it’s over, now it’s done
I only wish it could’ve gone on for,
Oh, only several million years
I’ll only sleep again hoping
To repeat it, still

Track Name: I Won't Come Back
Take me by the hand
And save me the last dance
- All these clichés, overused
But if I could have my way
I’d see you everyday
And use them all on you

But I know
You’ve heard it all before
So just tell me if you’re bored
And I’ll go

Wanting, but not as much as needing,
And needing more than breathing
- This is what you mean to me


You say you’ll change your mind
- I know you won’t
And you say these feelings might grow, given time,
- I know that they don’t
And you say that you’re my sister
But you’ve become a blister on my mind
I think you’ll find you’re cold
You’re so cold
And now I’m so cold so I’ll
Just go

Take me by surprise you say
And there’s so many ways
That I’d love to do that
And show you

How I feel, it’s real,
But you’ll never see that
So just say the word ‘go’
And I won’t come back.